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Welcome To Uscontractorlicense LLC

We offer State of Wisconsin-approved Initial and Continuing Professional Development courses certified by the Department of Safety & Professional Services.


Additionally, we provide a diverse range of course hours tailored to meet the requirements for both initial and ongoing Professional Development across various trades and licenses.

Our website has been recently updated to enhance the ordering process and ensure immediate access to our comprehensive catalog of continuing education courses. Enjoy a broader selection and more flexible options – everything you require for your course can now be found conveniently on a single page.


Wisconsin Act 237 went into effect on Nov. 1, 2022, twelve hours of Continuing Education are still required for Dwelling Contractor Qualifiers, but there is an additional requirement that four of the twelve hours address the subjects of “construction laws and codes and contracts, liability, and risk management.” 

We have a variety of courses that will meet the new requirements of the DSPS. All courses that meet the requirements are noted in red lettering. There are 4, 8 and 12 hour courses available to help you complete your continuing education requirements.

Please give us a call at 608-348-6688 if you have any questions, or need help ordering.

How We Offer Our Courses

For all courses, you must have a 70% or better grade on any of the courses to pass.

All courses are open book exams, and can be completed on your own time and pace.

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Online Testing Version

All tasks can be completed directly within your computer's web browser. You can access review materials in the form of downloadable PDF files, answer exam questions on your computer screen, and easily review the questions you may have missed while also viewing your test score.


No installation is necessary; the testing is entirely web-based and compatible with all computer types and browsers.

Book on Table
Printed Book Version

The reference materials, exam questions, and answer keys are sent to your home or office in booklet format. You can complete the answer key and send it back to us via mail, fax, or email.

All the reference material is extracted directly from the State of Wisconsin Code Book.

Man Using Computer Printer
Home Study Version

Your exam, along with the reference materials and answer sheets, can be easily downloaded to your computer via the internet. While the answer key must be printed, the choice to print the exam and reference material is optional.

You can complete the answer key and then send it back to us using the methods of your preference, including mail, fax, or email.

What Type Of Licenses Do I Need?


This license is for the individual who is an owner of the company, or an employee of the company. In order to obtain this license, you must first complete an initial qualifier course and pass with a score of 70%. Once you complete this course, the course provider will send you a certificate that you attach to the Credential application. This license has a continuing education requirement to renew the license. You must obtain at least 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years to renew this license.


This certification is for the business. You need to submit a form to the State of Wisconsin along with a certificate of insurance. (Obtained from your insurance company). Note this license needs to be renewed every year. NO continuing education is required.

We also offer a variety of classes for UDC Inspectors, most Plumber Licenses, most Electricians Licenses and UDC Commercial Licenses

Continuing Education Requirements



​Anyone applying for a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier certification needs to complete 12 hours of an approved initial qualifier course in dwelling construction within one year of applying for the license. Proof of completing the course will need to be provided with your application, along with the associated fees.

We offer the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Initial Course. This course is approved for the 12 hours needed to obtain your license.

When you pass the Initial Course, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can submit with your application. The application will be sent with your certificate of completion. This can be done by mailing the applications to the DSPS or taking them in person to their office.

You must take the Initial Qualifier course if you do not have a Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license already or are more than two years expired on your Qualifier license.



The State of Wisconsin requires all Dwelling Contractor Qualifiers to obtain 12 hours of continuing education every 2 years. We offer several testing options and courses  to meet these requirements.

When you complete one of our approved continuing education courses, you will receive a certificate of completion for your records. We will then submit the continuing education hours directly to the state.

Once you have completed the continuing education, you can renew your license online using the Department of Safety and Professional Services’ online portal, ESLA. You will need to upload a copy of your certificates of completion, and pay the renewal fee to the state.

How To Order A Course To Complete Your CE Hours

Ordering and Completing Your Continuing Education Hours Is Now More User Friendly For Your Convenience -


1) Determine the number of hours needed to complete your continuing education credits, we offer 4, 6, 8 and 12 hour courses on a variety of different topics. You can check your needed hours under the Information page and clicking on the link.

2) Determine how you wish to complete the course, by open book, online or the home study version. The description of each version is listed above.

3) Pay for the course using the drop down menu box for the course you wish to access, complete the payment process by following the prompts on the screen. After payment, come back to the page and access the materials for the course. The online version and home study version is instant access, the booklet version will be sent in the mail the next day.

The Process After You Have Finished Your CE Course

You will be able to renew your license after completing the continuing education course -


1) Within 2 days of us receiving your completed course back either by the online version, email/fax or by mail, we will have it graded, your hours updated on the database and will send back to you by email, your certificate of completion, paid invoice and other paperwork for you to renew your license. If you do not have an email address, we will mail back all the paperwork to your home or office.

2) You can renew online by going to the link in the email and following the screen prompts. You can renew both your Dwelling Contractor Qualifier License and Dwelling Contractor licenses thru the ESLA website if needed at the same time.

3) You may also download the renewal applications from our information page and fill them out and mail/fax them to the DSPS office. It may take up to a month before getting a response back from them.

4) You can also take all the paperwork and renew your license(s) in person at the DSPS office in Madison. Please call ahead for current opening hours.

They have a counter service to renew at 1400 East Washington Street, Madison Wisconsin. If you have questions you can call them at 608.266.2112.

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